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So we’re no longer locked down, live streams continue from a variety of promoters and independent artists. Can’t get out to open mic’s? The open mic is coming to you, from someone’s bedroom, hallway, studio, lounge, conservatory or otherwise location, in a virtual room full of lively happy people.

So I thought I’ll give you guys a heads up of some great live music, coming to you across cyberspace, mostly it’s free live music! If there is a donate button or a PayPal me, feel free to reach into your pockets and help support all these musicians, artists and promoters but don’t feel guilty if you can’t. You have nothing to lose but time checking out any of the links or reviews I post, so come on what are you waiting for lets dive right in!

New Review: Sandy McLelland – Blues & Roots Radio Worldwide
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Live stream from Sandy as part of the celebration of Blues and Roots Radio Worldwide organised and promoted by Graham Steel GSMC as part of the celebration of Blues and Roots Radio Worldwide

River Of Tears
Sandy started his set with a foot stomping acoustic version of River of Tears, from his most recent award winning album “Cross The Line” this one being a kind of soul song with a hint of sadness but strong enough to hit you between the ears protesting and ending in a crashing crescendo of rhythm and scorching vocals.

I’d expected nothing less than perfect sound and vocals from Sandy, having had the pleasure of being on the same bill recently supporting Shantel Ogden. Not disappointed one of the best quality live streams I have seen to date! I must ask Sandy for some tips while I wait the arrival of mixing desk and various connectors for the iPad and Mac. It did take a minute or two for Sandy’s set to start due to technical issues, I don’t think he could hear himself, it didn’t matter we could hear load and clear!

To Prove a Love to You
Going a little more upbeat, this one reminded me of an album cut from an early Clapton with a bluesy country beat, you can almost hear the broken heart screaming for another chance.

Ah we got an explanation of the technical issues experienced and the delay between comments and acknowledgements from Sandy, did it distance those listening? Not with that quality!

I Believe In You
Think Blackberry Smoke and you won’t be far off this little belter! “I believe in you” is the kind of upbeat love song that I often struggle to write myself. Even I have a few up my sleeve but my struggle is to keep the upbeat emotional feel of the song while carrying a story as you would expect in Country and Americana. No such struggle here for Sandy!

Because it’s You
Well, what can I say? A proper love song with a James Taylor 70’s vibe only a more manly, gravel tone. I really like this one, but then I’m a sucker for a good ballad and this one ticked all the boxes!

All in the Name of Love
OK now we’re talking! This stonker reminded me of our local blues club way back when. If I said I was in my early 20’s back then that’s a significant giveaway. All in the name of love is another that sends me back, to driving an Austin Maestro and playing my various Clapton cassettes at full volume! Just great!

I’ve Ever Known
Now we are back to one of my favourite bands, Blackberry Smoke but it’s not it’s Sandy McLelland pulling out some California hippy vibes, if this one doesn’t have you tapping your feet, you’ve probably been sitting in the wrong position and lost all feeling from the thighs down!

We Always Will
This sweet little ditty of love won and lost is like a river, ebbing and flowing, forever changing direction, tempo, melody and emotion. I really like to be surprised as I listen to a songs structure and this one does the job perfectly. Just when you think there’s a crying lyric on the horizon, you get a solo instrumental.

Sandy’s set started coming to an end with a song he promised that hadn’t been played live for about 2 years. It seems like his sunflowers, it’s always been with him. We were given a treat of a live performance, of a song that Sandy had never played for any body before and thats one of the things I enjoy most about live music, you never know what you are going to get!

So we come to the end of Sandy’s set and finish with a cover, I’m not going to tell you who or what, that would spoil the fun! What I’d like you to do is discover Sandy McLelland for yourself on the links above and below.

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Stress Pubs and Rock n Roll
Podcast about all things open mic and music.
You can find it here
Facebook Page – You can find it here
Apple Podcast Preview Page: Here
Review: Eclectic conversation about open mics and music in general. Simon went live stream with Kirsty this week to give us about an hour, of fun filled music convo and banter. 
Technical issues at the start but to be expected on a new live stream and it is discussion more than live music, so wasn’t that much of an issue.
We saw a lot of Simons chin during the live stream, hoping he will sort out the camera angle for next time, he is after all a handsome fellow bearded guy….well at the moment anyway!
The great thing about this podcast is it has an ebb and flow, not a stringent structure of must follow this or that and we diverged from one conversation to another. For instance, we learnt from Kirsty an introduction to streaming on Twitch, how she uses this to stream live while creating crafty miniature buildings & how this could work for musicians.
On the first live stream for Stress Pubs and Rock n Roll we had an absolute blast! I highly recommend you add to your pod casts. On a side note, Simon and Kirsty also run some pretty dang decent Open Mics under lockdown (as well as in real life) so I will review them as I get the chance to log in and listen. Stay Safe and Well and keep sharing the music!