OK so it’s been a little over 21 Days since my debut single release of….21 Days. I really need to get the hang of this blogging thing! It’s supposed to be weekly right?
Rather than a flood of news, I have read it’s supposed to be a slow trickle, a new release here, a follow up there, status update here and there etc.

To and  for such fantastic support of new music! Thanks Guys!

I have been listened to from the UK across the Pond, in Alabama and beyond, purely down to those who share the music and share the love!

Thanks of course to those of you who have, played it for others and listened and those who have purchased a copy, you’re helping me to continue this musical journey.

I still have a live cover to release, it’s a think out of the box surprise that I’m sure you will all love! licence paid and ready for release. I’m saving it for after our Family Holiday in July, so that I can concentrate on promoting it when we are back and I’ll be at the Showcase Sessions again soon perform my originals and a cover or two.
OK well until the next time, I’ll get back to writing, playing and have something new for you real soon!