My musical journey has begun, well to be truthful it started way back when, in the days my beard was black but the timing was never quite right. Now my beard is slightly longer and much whiter the time is right, the support is right and I have gone from being a bedroom singer / songwriter to a local performer, singer, songwriter, recording artist.

That last word “Artist” is probably the main reason this journey has taken me so long to kick off. I’m not a lover of the technical and business side of the journey, I like to write, play my guitars, let my feelings flow. I never considered myself an artist but I guess that’s what I really am! As for the business & technology, I didn’t want to but I had to if I want you my friends to ever hear my music.

So here we are today, my debut single “21 Days” and B side “Show me some love” all over the digital media world and ready for anyone who cares to give it a listen.

You can find it on most good digital media platforms including on Spotify:
and here on iTunes

What comes next?
Very soon I’ll also release a live cover, recorded in the same sessions. We’ve deliberately left a small gap between releases, so my own muses garner some attention, hopefully anyway 🙂

I’m sending 21 days out to various online radio stations to try and get some air time, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Well, you don’t get a beard this long without a back catalogue to go with it and I have plenty more to record and release. That will be my main focus for the next few weeks & months. I really want to bring you high quality studio versions of songs that I have been performing, so I am looking into how I can enable pre-ordering of my next singles.

It’s going to be fun, so stay tuned 🙂

Hello, hello, hello and Happy New Year to everyone. I’ve got some super exciting projects lined up for 2018 and I’m really filling the calendar from the very first week of January.
First I have launched New Song Sunday, a new weekly video demo of my songwriting with Song Number 1 “Lonely Bar Room” a song I am pretty desperate to get in the studio and record. First played live some time back. I needed to make a few tweeks to make it studio ready. I also needed to flex and tone the old performance muscles before I was confident enough with this one. So when I went into the studio last year “21 Days” was the preferred song to work on as first single to my EP.

You can see the video demo of “Lonely Bar Room” in the video page here on my website.

Secondly, I’m progressing with a couple of music funding web sites Patreon and Pledge Music, which should help raise the funds to record professionally. These great sites allow music lovers to safely pledge certain amounts to Patron an artists music or pledge a certain amount, to Pre Order an EP or an Album. Each with their own unique benefits.
Really excited about these two parts of my 2018 projects as hopefully with your support, I can get a move on with my music. If you’d like to be one of my supporters who gave my musical career the kick up the backside it might need, please browse the following link to my Patreon Page. LINK TO PATREON Oh and by the way, once New Song Sunday starts flowing, if you can’t wait to hear the following Sundays song, it’ll be on Patreon a few days earlier, as one of the exclusive benefits of being one of my Patrons.

So…new song video demos each Sunday, fundraising to make songwriting and recording a reality, It’s already looking like a busy year right?

I’m adding to this as many live gigs and Open Mic slots as possible and have 4 lined up in January already. If you hear of any Open Mics, Gig slots, support slots, (so I can hone my performance muscles) please let me know. I’m planning something for later in the year. That for now I’ll be keeping a secret 😉
All I can say right now, is if it all pans out, live performances may go slightly further from home.

Have a great week end and don’t forget to check in on New Song Sunday 😉

OK so it’s been a little over 21 Days since my debut single release of….21 Days. I really need to get the hang of this blogging thing! It’s supposed to be weekly right?
Rather than a flood of news, I have read it’s supposed to be a slow trickle, a new release here, a follow up there, status update here and there etc.

To and  for such fantastic support of new music! Thanks Guys!

I have been listened to from the UK across the Pond, in Alabama and beyond, purely down to those who share the music and share the love!

Thanks of course to those of you who have, played it for others and listened and those who have purchased a copy, you’re helping me to continue this musical journey.

I still have a live cover to release, it’s a think out of the box surprise that I’m sure you will all love! licence paid and ready for release. I’m saving it for after our Family Holiday in July, so that I can concentrate on promoting it when we are back and I’ll be at the Showcase Sessions again soon perform my originals and a cover or two.
OK well until the next time, I’ll get back to writing, playing and have something new for you real soon!